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Booker T and the DBT’s – 4.1.2009 – Variety Playhouse Atlanta

Booker T Jones backed by the Drive By Trucker’s was a phenomenal show. As far as musicphotog.com is concerned, Booker T is one of the founders of Rock n Roll. He was a key player in the STAX movement, which brought us the bluesy soul music that paved the way for Rock n Roll as we know it today. Booker T and the MG’s was the house band for STAX recording studio. They were successful in their own right, but more widely known for their work as the backing band for Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Albert King, Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Floyd, The Staple Singers, Wilson Pickett, and many others.
This collaboration was brought on by Booker T’s solo album, Potato Hole, which is to be released on April 21. This will be his first solo album in twenty years and has the Drive By Truckers and Neil Young as backing musicians. Although most tracks were written by Booker T, there is one by Trucker Mike Cooley and two covers by Tom Waits and Outkast. Booker T and the DBT’s are playing several select shows across the country and Booker T is playing even more international shows in support of this album. Please check the official Booker T Jones website for more information.

You can view all of the images in the gallery Booker T and the DBT’s – 4.1.2009 – Variety Playhouse Atlanta

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For your listening pleasure, Sloan Simpson recorded the show and posted it to the internet audio archive. You can use the embeded audio player below, or you can click this link to stream it from your default audio player: Booker T and the DBT’s from the Variety Playhouse.
Click this link to go to the archive posting.

Booker T. & Drive-By Truckers – 4/1/09
Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA

Disc One:

01) Pound It Out
02) Green Onions
03) Nan
04) Warped Sister
05) Space City
06) Born Under A Bad Sign
07) Native New Yorker
08) Reunion Time
09) Potato Hole
10) She Breaks
11) Hey Ya
12) Time Is Tight
13) E:) Get Behind The Mule

Drive-By Truckers – 4/1/09
Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA

Disc Two:

01) Lookout Mountain
02) 3 Dimes Down
03) Ronnie And Neil
04) Uncle Frank
05) Goode’s Field Road
06) I’m Sorry Huston
07) Women Without Whiskey
08) Sink Hole
09) The Company I Keep
10) Gravity’s Gone
11) Steve McQueen

Disc Three:

01) E:) Home Field Advantage*
02) Zip City*
03) Let There Be Rock*
04) Angels And Fuselage**

Ani DeFranco – 3.21.2009 – Variety Playhouse – Atlanta

WOW! This show was great. I went in with zero expectation and was completely blown away. I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest Ani fan, and do not listen to a lot of her music on my own. However, her performance was very powerful and inspiring. I was very impress with all aspects of it. I think her song writing is her stronghold and what a lot of people admire most. She is also one hell of a guitar player. The band, which was only a three piece, presented a lot of depth. Allison Miller on drums was one of the biggest surprises of the night. I did not know of her prior to the show and really enjoyed everything she brought to the table. Lastly, I was also impressed with the fans. They were very devoted and there for music. It was a good group of people with which to be surrounded.
This photo pass was credentialed through Glide Magazine and her publicist at Music Allies was great to work with.

All of the images can be see in the photo gallery: Ani DeFranco photographs from Variety in Atlanta

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Booker T and the DBT’s live from the Variety Playhouse

Booker T is one of musicphotog’s musical hero’s. We are excited about this collaboration with the Drive by Trucker’s. We will update live from the show with images from iPhone and will post the real images in the coming days.

Outformation at the Variety Playhouse

Update: Images have been posted to the gallery. You can find them all here: Outformation at the Variety Playhouse 1.24.2009

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Everything Posted below was posted live from the show, including the photographs where were taken with the camera on the iPhone.

I’m going to try this live update again. Thankfully Outformation’s management is easier to work with than the last show. This means that I have an obligation to get my photos processed and you can expect to see those in the gallery in about a week. During the show I will be posting pictures from my iPhone (hence the quality). I might try to keep an update setlist, depending on if I can get Zman to keep me updated.

The Raconteurs – 9.20.2006 – The Tabernacle

Jack White The Raconteurs Brendan Benson

Raconteur (n.), is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary, as one who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit. The supergroup, The Raconteurs, is true to this definition. Although the band discredits the label supergroup (claiming only to be “a new band made up of old friends”), these four musicians definitely bring fame and respect to the new ensemble. Jack White (The White Stripes), Brendan Benson (The Brendan Benson Band), Jack Lawrence (The Greenhornes), and Patrick Keeler (The Greenhornes) are redefining the sub-genre power pop. Strong melodies, crisp vocal harmonies, and prominent guitar riffs are what The Raconteurs do best; however, they are extending the genre by exploring the jam and mixing it with rock. Most songs on the album, Broken Boy Soldiers, are around three minutes, but the live show brought a much deeper presentation of these witty songs. Jack is the most well known of the band, but did not steal the spotlight. Brendon was able to hold his own with The White Stripes front man, trading guitar licks, and stepping up to the microphone. Phenomenal guitar playing, on top of clever song writing with tuned in harmonies, backed by a solid rhythm section is a formula for success. They have a uniquely familiar sound with songs reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, R.E.M, Big Star and many other classic favorites. The sold out crowd was just as excited as the band; it was a good time had by all.

Please visit the gallery for all of the pictures from the Tabernacle.

Leo Kottke – 9.9.2006 – Variety Playhouse – Atlanta

Leo Kottke @ Variety Playhouse Leo Kottke @ Variety Playhouse Leo Kottke @ Variety Playhouse

Leo Kottke brought more people to the Variety Playhouse, than I have ever seen. His one man act of impressive guitar picking and captive story telling, kept the diverse crowd pleased and attentive through the encore. Leo played either a six or twelve string acoustic guitar and picked the strings as if there were three players on stage. His great sense of humor kept the crowd laughing and his stories ranged from a gaseous dog named Kottke to looking for E-strings in the hip room. The crowd was mostly older; however, there were many different generations in attendance. Leo gained some popularity among the younger “jam-band” crowd when he recorded Sixty Six Steps with Phish bassist, Mike Gordon. It was a nice environment to sit back, relax, and take in some quality music.

Direct link to this photo gallery.

The Day the Music Never Stopped Festival 8.19.2006

The Day the Music Never Stopped Jimmy Herring Jeff

The Day the Music Never Stopped was a quaint gathering to celebrate the life of Jerry Garcia. Many people wondered how there was free on-site camping in Buckhead. Not to be confused with the trendy part of Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia is located about an hour and a half east of Atlanta. It was a great location, and a nice escape from the city. During the day, the temperatures were manageable and the night was perfect. With a great atmosphere and great music, we are excited about next year. The highlight of the weekend was Herring / Rodgers / Sipe. With the announcement of Jimmy Herring as the new lead guitarist for Widespread Panic, it will be rare to see him in such an intimate setting. Herring / Rodgers / Sipe have played a tour’s worth of shows, and all have been nothing less of impressive. This was the last show they will play “for a little while” (as quoted by Jeff Sipe).
Next year’s festival has already been announced with the dates of August 3, 4, 5, and 2007.
The bands photographed by musicphotog.com were Space Medicine, Deep Blue Sun, Herring / Rodgers / Sipe and can be seen by clicking this direct link to the photo gallery.

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Allman Brothers Band – 8.20.2006 – guitar rock at its finest.

Warren Haynes Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks Derek Trucks with uncle Butch Trucks

The show at Hi-Fi Buys (formally Lakewood) Amphitheater was one of the best Allman Brothers Band shows that I have seen. Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes are two of the best players alive, a duo that equates to guitar rock at its finest. The band obviously goes deeper than guitar. Butch and Jaimoe play as one eight limbed creature. Gregg Allman needs no introduction. This is a band of professionals.

From the first note, the band was firing on all cylinders. Note to note, and song to song, the entire show flowed perfectly. The attentive crowd was a noted source of energy for the band. Susan Tedeschi (Derek Truck’s wife) was my personal favorite of the several special guests that took the stage. She was given the opportunity to spotlight her impressive vocal and guitar skills. The unanimous crowd highlight was the set closer. You Don’t Love Me > Mountain Jam is arguably among the best music the band has ever played. We walked out knowing we had witnessed a great rock and roll show.


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Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon, & (Marco) Benevento / (Joe) Russo Duo – 7.15.6 – Atlanta

Marco Benevento Mike Gordon Joe Russo

After seeing this show I have a new respect for the Benevento/Russo Duo. The Duo hit the scene running last year. Mike Gordon latched on to these guys and helped them gain the recognition they deserve. This summer GRAB (Gordon, Russo, Anastasio, Benevento) has a slew of shows across the country and the result is the best music I have heard Trey play outside of Phish. The Duo brings high energy to the stage and Trey and Mike seem to feed off of it. Everyone on stage seemed to be having a great time and the music was right on time. The only songs I recognized were a couple of Duo songs and the cover songs; however, all of it was very enjoyable. The pictures seem to speak for themselves, so please check them out in the photo gallery.

Direct link to GRAB photo gallery

Hot Tuna – Variety Playhouse – Atlanta – 7.7.2006

Hot Tuna Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

I didn’t expect anything less than to witness a faultless and rocking performance from these legendary musicians, and Hot Tuna did not disappoint. Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady’s steady finger picking and solid rhythms were heard on favorites such as 99 Year Blues, Rock Me Baby, and Bowlegged. Their laid back acoustic and electric blues blew me and their established and devoted fan base away.

You can view all the images here.